High-Tac Self Adhesive Poly for the Protection of Synthetic Carpets and Sealing HVAC Ductwork

Prevents carpet damage from tracked in dirt and spills

Can be used for the temporary sealing of air ducts, diffusers and grills

Puncture resistant film can be left in place up to 45 days


3 mil Adhesive Poly

Reverse Wound


Poly Clear 25: 25" x 200'

Poly Clear 33: 33" x 200'

Ideal For

Temporary carpet protection during construction or painting.

Temporary protection of manufactured materials.

Temporary sealing broken automobile windows.

Feature Details

Durable 3 mil thickness.

Reverse wound for easy application.

Clean releasing for easy removal.

Size Sq. Ft.
Poly Clear 25 25"x200' 417
Poly Clear 33 33"x200' 550

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